How No Worry Gutters Compare to Other Products on the Market
  • How They Compare

    In order to answer one of the frequently asked questions posed by our clients, "How do No Worry Gutters compare to other products on the market?" we've compared No Worry Gutters with those of our competitors. Take a look below at some of the options on the market today and see for yourself how our No Worry Gutters compare. 

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    Why Pay More for Less?

    The No Worry Gutter system is the best we've seen with several features and benefits that out-perform the competition.

    First and foremost, unlike other systems, our No Worry Gutters are not nailed into your roof - a process that can actually void the warranty on your roof! No Worry Gutters are designed with a specially-formed and perforated hood that creates a molecular bond with the water, directing it - but not debris - into the gutter. In addition to its outstanding performance, No Worry Gutters are attractive! You can mix and match the color of your gutter top and trough, giving you a seamless, beautiful look. And best of all, No Worry Gutters cost FAR LESS than other systems!

    The Competition

    Mesh or Screen Gutter Covers


    These metal coverings fit inside against the back of the gutter and across the top acting like a strainer and filter. Unsightly debris together with snow and ice can collect on top of the screen and cause it to collapse. Over time, there is a chance for the screens to rust and stain face of gutter.

    Gutter Filters


    Sponge-like foam "space fillers" that let water drain through but keep leaves from building up in the bottom of the trough. These fillers do not have the capacity to handle heavy rain and water flow, and may cause overflow. Snow and ice can settle into the foam, harboring the potential for ice damming, sagging and overflow.

    Solid Gutter Covers


    Made of vinyl or aluminum, these solid gutter covers snap onto the top front of the gutter and slip under your shingles, altering the roofline appearance. They are nailed to your roof which pierces shingles, roof felt and decking, possibly voiding the roof warranty or causing leaks.

    Solid Gutter Covers with Slots


    Most of the solid cover gutter guards rely on the principle of "water adhesion". The water enters the gutter through slots or small holes located underneath a lip or on the vertical side. These gutters do not keep out all small twigs, dirt, asphalt roofing granules, and pine needles. They perform less well in very heavy rain or on steep roofs.

    Gutter Brushes    

    Most, but not all, leaves and large debris will pass over gutter brushes. Small items that get caught near the top of the gutter brush either blow away or decompose over time. Over time, the dirt, small twigs and pine needles that do not pass through the gutter brush may create a layer of 'gunk' in the bottom of the gutter which may cause staining and require periodic gutter cleaning.

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